Crockery Crisis

Bar Sundries

6 bottle rotary stand with optics                               £7.50 each

25ml. Optic with Shelf Bracket                                 £2.30 each

50ml. Optic with Shelf Bracket                                 £2.35 each

25ml. thimble measure                                               £0.60 each

50 ml. thimble measure                                              £0.60 each

Ice Bucket                                                                   £1.25 each

Ice Tongs                                                                     £0.35 each

Cork Screw                                                                 £0.55 each

Champagne Bucket                                                   £1.90 each

Champagne Bucket Stand                                        £3.25 each


Ships Decanter (Cut Glass)                                       £5.25 each


Ash Tray (Glass)                                                        £0.35 each

Bottle Cooler (Glass Door under counter
Illuminated display)                                                   £40.00 each

All Prices plus vat at 20%

Crockery Crisis Hire Service