Crockery Crisis

Vintage Hire Prices 2023

Teacup 30p

Saucer 30p

Side plate 30p

Cake Plate 50p

3 tier cake stand with plates £3.00

3 tier cake stand no plates £1.50

Teapot £2.50

Milk Jug £1.00

Sugar Bowl £1.00

Vintage Items should be hand washed. They are not suitable for washing in a dishwasher. We can wash for you for an additional charge of 50% of the item hire charge. Vintage Breakages will be charged at 10 times the item hire charge which reflects the replacement cost of all items. Our quotes are valid for 14 days after which time they will be deleted from our system. A non-refundable 10% deposit is required to secure your booking. Please note our cancellation policy: If a confirmed booking is cancelled within 6 months of your delivery date 10% of your expected total bill will be charged i.e. your deposit. If within 3 months 25%, if within 1 month 50% and if within 7 days 100% We consider our prices to be competitive but we will always endeavour to price match against a bona fide written quote from another supplier

                                           All Prices plus vat at 20%                              


Crockery Crisis Hire Service